Pultrusion Continuous Molding

Plasan North America has two Pultrusion machines with envelopes of 32” x 36” and 7.5” x 7.5” and all the ancillary equipment. We also have lab equipment to support testing required to verify resin reactivity, viscosity and tensile and bend strength for finished pultruded products. Utilizing our experienced operators, engineering expertise and ultra-high quality standards, Plasan provides tooling, processes, die design and material selections for your specific pultrusion needs.

We have experience with the most common and advanced materials, including:

  • Resins: Polyesters, Vinyl Esters, Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyurethanes.
  • Additives for Corrosion resistance, UV for weather, flame and smoke suppression.
  • Reinforcements as E-glass and S-2 glass in roving, CSM and fabrics. Carbon Fibers, Carbon Fabrics and hybrid materials.
  • Surface veils: Glass, Polyester, Nylon and Carbon

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