Designing and manufacturing lifesaving, mission-ready defensive products and solutions.

As a recognized innovator and international provider of state-of-the-art lightweight ballistic protection and survivability solutions for soldiers, peacekeepers and law enforcement personnel, Plasan North America provides custom cost effective survivability solutions offering a balance of protection, mission adaptability, payload and cost.

Ground Vehicle Survivability Solutions

Outfit for adaptability, our armor vehicle solutions can be tailored to nearly all military, civilian and law enforcement vehicles. Our complete, end-to-end control of product development, from initial prototyping to full-rate production runs, allows Plasan to complete projects efficiently, in a cost-effective manner.

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Armor Material Solutions

With years of defense experience and over 32,000 active vehicles across the globe outfitted with our protection solutions, Plasan has a deep understanding of the challenges soldiers face on the modern battlefield. As such, we also know which armor materials should be used for which job.

SandCat Family of Armored Vehicles

Fielded in over 15 countries, the SandCat Family of 4×4 armored vehicles provide flexibility and robustness, resulting in unrivaled real-time performance for every defense and security mission.

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Naval and Marine Survivability Solutions

Our naval and marine survivability solutions provide high levels of ballistic and flammability protection, universal compatibility and ease of installation.

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Airborne Survivability Solutions

Our modular add-on armor kits are characterized by their flexible design, enabling use on multiple models of the same aircraft, ease of shipping to remote locations, as well as rapid, on-site, mid-mission installation and on-the-fly repair.

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