Adaptable applications. Agile installations.

With our modular add-on armor kits, our innovative engineering solutions are designed for combat integration on airborne vehicles and aircrafts. Our airborne installation kits are favored for their flexible design, enabling practical usage on multiple models of the same aircraft. These kits also provide ease of shipping to remote locations, as well as rapid, on-site, mid-mission installations and on-the-fly repairs and modifications.

Cabin and cockpit ballistic protection.

Designed for high survivability, for crews and passengers, our cockpit and cabin ballistic protection effectively minimizes weight to maximize aircraft maneuverability. At Plasan, we design and manufacture protection suites based on geometry and threat definitions, therefore providing the most effective protection solutions for both the aircraft and crew.

Advantages of airborne survivability solutions from Plasan North America:
  • High-caliber protection plate design offers easy access to critical components
  • Ballistic seat protection for greater flight crew survivability
  • Design of cockpit and cabin armor for minimum operational constraints
  • A Kit, B Kit design approach provides maximum flexibility

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