Field-tested. Combat ready. Complete ballistic protection.

Outfit for adaptability, our armored vehicle solutions can be tailored to suit nearly all military, civilian and law enforcement vehicles. Our complete, end-to-end control of product development, from initial prototyping to full rate production runs, allows Plasan North America to execute complex projects in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner.

Integrated vehicle design and engineering.

At Plasan North America, we engineer our solutions into each vehicle. Not onto them. Our design process is comprehensive, multi-faceted and interdisciplinary, meaning we work with you to best integrate your needs into our design for an end product that is both tailored to you and optimized for complete survivability around the vehicle’s assets and designated threat levels.

Ground vehicles we design for:

  • JLTV
  • M-ATV
  • MRAP MaxxPro
  • LAV
  • MTVR
  • M915
  • Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Special Mission Vehicles
  • Patrol and Reconnaissance Vehicles
  • Logistical Transport Vehicles

Ground vehicle testing and optimization.

To optimize survivability solutions for ground vehicles, Plasan combines computer-generated analyses and simulation, working closely with our parent company in Israel, to explore blast effects on any given vehicle, with or without passengers. The results are then compared with industry-defined threshold standards. Real-time calibration data is fed to the simulations, increasing their accuracy and validity.

Prototype testing at Plasan includes:

  • Ballistic threats
  • IED and mine blast threats
  • Roadworthiness
  • Maneuverability

Our collected data of more than 20,000 ballistic tests are an invaluable asset for research, development and traceability.

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