Launch Canisters & Missile Containers

Missile Containers

Missile and Rocket Container Solutions for Demanding Applications

Light-weight and low-cost are at the heart of Plasan North America’s missile container solutions. Our products are designed to comply with rigorous handling and environmental specifications. We also provide through-life logistics support during product service.

Carriage Environment Container

Adaptive Carriage Environment Container

  • Pultruded carbon-composite shipping and storage container for Griffin and Viper Strike missiles
  • Integrated with common launch tube
  • Employed as a weapons dispenser on US Marine Corps Harvest Hawk C-130
Rocket Container

Talon Laser-Guided Rocket Container

  • Light-weight and low-cost
  • Meets handling and environmental specifications
  • Provides superior shock and vibration isolation system
  • Simple access door and desiccant replacement
  • Stackable on Fastpack sling-load pallet system

Launch Canisters

Launch Canister and Launch Tube Solutions

Plasan North America provides a wide range of pultruded composite shells that provide weight and cost savings over corrosion-prone legacy steel canisters. We also provide through-life logistics support during product service.

Carbon Composite Common Launch Canister

Aegis Weapon System Carbon Composite Common Launch Canister

  • Designed to replace corrosion-prone legacy steel canisters
  • Reduces canister weight by 50%
  • Reduces canister price by up to 50%
  • Provides backwards compatibility with MK 41 and MK 57 Vertical Launching Systems
Pultruded Glass Launch Tube

Griffin Missile Pultruded Glass Launch Tube