Airborne Solutions

Airborne Protection Solutions

Plasan North America offers integrated, innovative, engineering solutions for modular, portable add-on-armor kits. Our installation kits are characterized by a unique, flexible design enabling their use on multiple models of the same aircraft, ease of shipping to remote locations, as well as rapid, on-site, mid-mission installation and on-the-fly repair.  Plasan’s innovative approaches to airborne protection achieve greater aircraft and crew survivability through passive and active solutions.

Airborne Active Protection System Solution

Plasan’s unique Airborne Active Protection System concept gives airborne platforms greater survivability in the most challenging situations throughout the world.  Our survivability solution provides hostile threat detection and a kill system to counter most threats facing our troops today.  Many of these threats include RPG and ATGM threats which until today were impossible to defeat.

Cabin and Cockpit Ballistic Protection Solutions

Designed for High Survivability of crew and passengers while minimizing weight to enable maneuverability.  Plasan creates the protection suite according to geometry and threat definition providing the most efficient protection to the aircraft and crew.

  • Design of protection plates for easy access to critical components
  • Ballistic seat protection for greater flight crew survivability
  • Design of cockpit/cabin for minimum operational constraints
  • A Kit, B Kit design approach providing maximum flexibility