Ballistic Protection

Add Ballistic Protection – Save Cost and Save Weight

In critical shipboard and aircraft applications, Plasan North America’s Ballistic Protection Solutions save life, minimize cost, reduce weight, provides maximum flexibility, and greatly reduces maintenance associated with corrosive steel armor plate.  We also provide through-life logistics support during product service.

Cabin and Cockpit Ballistic Protection Solutions

Designed for High Survivability of crew and passengers while minimizing weight to enable maneuverability.

Plasan creates the protection suite according to geometry and threat definition providing the most efficient protection to the aircraft and crew.

  • Design of protection plates for easy access to critical components
  • Design of cockpit/cabin for minimum operational constraints
  • A Kit, B Kit design approach providing maximum flexibility
Ballistic Screen

DDG-1000 Destroyer MK 57 VLS Ballistic Screen

  • Protects critical destroyer assets with ceramic composite armor
  • Produces verified savings of over $10 million per ship
  • Reduces weight by two-thirds over traditional steel armor
  • Offers cost savings over exotic ceramic solutions and pressed composites