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Land and Combat Vehicles


Combat-Proven Technologies | Complete Ballistic Protection

Plasan North America’s armor solutions can be tailored for almost any military, civilian and law enforcement vehicle.  We approach each opportunity by identifying the possible solution sets, initiate concept development, build prototypes, run complex, computerized simulation models, conduct ballistic and blast testing and then complete a preliminary production run.   We provide cost-effective solutions for:

•Special mission vehicles
•Patrol and reconnaissance vehicles
•Logistical and transport vehicles
•APCs and tactical vehicles

Design and Engineering

We design our solutions INTO the vehicle not onto it!  Our design process is comprehensive, multi-faceted and interdisciplinary.   We work with our customers to integrate their requirements and experience by implementing armor solutions into each vehicle.  We design a complete survivability solution around the vehicle’s assets and designated threat levels.

Plasan North America’s comprehensive understanding of survivability and the nuances involved allow us to bring complex projects rapidly from paper to the battlefield.  The special nature of Plasan’s success is its complete, end-to-end control of the product development and manufacturing process while working closely with our customers for the optimal solution.


To optimize survivability solutions, Plasan North America combines computer-generated analyses and simulation, working closely with our parent company in Israel, to explore blast effects on a given vehicle, with or without passengers.  The results are then compared with industry-defined threshold standards.  Real-time calibration data is fed to the simulations, increasing their accuracy and validity.  Prototype testing includes:

    • Ballistic threats
    • IED and mine blast threats
    • Road worthiness
    • Maneuverability

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to test our products using a wide range of munitions and high velocity threat scenarios.  Our collected data of more than 20,000 ballistic tests are an invaluable asset for research, development and traceability.