Naval & Marine

Marine Superstructures

Advanced Marine Technologies for Advanced Marine Applications

At sea, Plasan North America composite sandwich panels offer cost and structural advantages, flammability protection, and compatibility with electromagnetic shielding. Our panels are ideally suited to next-generation, slab-sided low Radar Cross Section (RCS) marine superstructures. We also provide through-life logistics support during product service.

Composite Sandwich Panel

Plasan North America composite sandwich-panels:

  • Manufactured in widths up to 10 feet
  • Replace baseline steel systems at equivalent manufacturing costs
  • Provides flammability protection with advanced phenolic resins that meet rigorous military standards
  • Pultrusion process allows for straightforward integration of conductive electromagnetic shielding mesh
  • Requires no additional labor for integration of structural beams and joinery into finished product

Impact Recovery

 Added Safety and Strength for Personnel, Aircraft, and Cargo

Plasan North America stanchions and safety nets prevent aircraft carrier elevator damage, lost cargo, and man-overboard emergencies. We also provide through-life logistics support during product service.

Deck Stanchion

3.5-inch Aircraft Carrier Deck Stanchion

  • Flexible macro-composite aircraft elevator barrier
  • Returns to original shape after buckling
  • Low-cost replacement for corrosion-prone steel stanchions which prevents aircraft elevator operation when bent

7-inch Cargo Barge Deck Stanchion

  • Larger stanchion for barge deck edge use
Safety Net

Deck Edge Safety Net

  • Prevents man-overboard situations with netting-laced stanchion tube frame
  • Recovers initial shape after loading
  • Resists corrosion
  • Reduces acquisition and total ownership cost