Tortech Carbon Nanotube Technologies

Carbon Nanotube Materials

Nanotube fibers and mats for military and commercial applications are now a real possibility with Plasan’s latest technology.   Carbon Nanotubes combined with other materials such as carbon fiber, glass, and ceramic provide innumerable solutions for the industry.  This material can be created with tailored conductance to specific requirements such as providing greater conductivity, lower resistance and less heat in electrical applications and can be embedded into structures to provide health monitoring, EMI shielding, lightning strike protection or de-icing of leading edges using CNT film.

Also possible is infrared attenuation through greater heat dissipation with its environmental surroundings for a reduced IR signature.

Tortech CNT Products

EMI/RFI Shielding and ESD Protection

  • CNT Mats can be integrated with composites for EMI/RFI shielding

Plasan/Tortech Structural Health Monitoring

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation capabilities using Tortech CNT Mat reduces risk of catastrophic failure while optimizing maintenance schedule and reducing weight

Plasan/Tortech Infrared Camouflage

  • CNT Fiber Mats provide Passive IR Detection Protection by dissipating heat with surrounding environment and IR radiation attenuation.

Tortech Conductive Textiles

  • Static Dissipative Clothing, Signal and Power Transfer Fabric, Taser/Electrical Weapon Protective Clothing
  • Coatings insulate electrical contact between fabrics and are compatible with existing textile machinery

Plasan/Tortech Film Heaters

  • Tortech generates more heat at less power
  • Carries almost as much electrical current as copper but at substantially less weight
  • Offers advantages for de-icing

Other Applications

  • Lighter weight assemblies and improved EMI/FR Shielding Materials
  • Enhanced motor design using CNT Wires
  • Carbon Nanotube replaces copper aircraft wiring
  • Reduced IR engine signature

Partner With Us

Plasan has large and small scale product design capabilities, rapid prototyping and in-house testing capabilities with years of experience in providing innovative materials solutions for defense and commercial customers.