All-Terrain Electric Mission Module™

The Next-GEN Multi-Tool for the Ground Tactical Force

Multi-Domain - Multi-Mission - One POWERFUL Solution

The ATeMM™ is the Next Generation Common Tactical Platform enabling electrified devices and sensors to increase the tactical edge.

The ATeMM™ is a modular electric vehicle compatible with current and future-generation tactical wheeled vehicles providing instant hybridization.


Lethality Packages

Autonomous Resupply

Communications Packages

mobile Microgrid

battery charging + survivability


Lethality Packages

autonomous resupply

communications packages

mobile microgrid

battery charging + survivability


Intelligent Autonomous Integration

The future front-line force will leverage robotic platforms as the first point of contact with an adversary. These platforms must be highly mobile, highly modular, and capable of carrying and powering various weapons systems, communication systems, and sensors.

  • Autonomous First Point of Contact
  • Autonomous Support by Fire
  • Autonomous Logistics Resupply

improved mobility

  • Synchronized Steering, Braking, + Driving
    • Impossible to Jackknife
  • Off-Road Racing Inspired Robust Independent Suspension
  • 230 HP 800 FT/LB Torque  Electric Drive

Off-Board Vehicle Power System (OBVP)

  • 47kWh Integrated Power Pack
  • Compatible with Level 1, 2, + 3 Industry Charge Protocols
  • On-The-Move Rolling Regenerative Charging
  • Configurable Exportable Power: AC and DC, 25kW+