Manual & robotic welding

Equipped with six manual welding stations and a fully automated seven-axis GMAW robotic weld system, Plasan’s certified welders operate Integrated Welding Flows at high volume capacities. Quickset fixturing furthers our efficiencies, and our full in-house fixture and design process team furthers our capabilities. We also provide prototype welding services, including trial and limited production runs.

Robotic Welding

  • Dual robot turntable system 
  • Single robot turntable system 

Manual Welding

  • 20+ Ground Combat Welding Code Certified Welders
  • 2 AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • 1 Certified Welding Educator
  • 10 individual welding booths with change out fixtures and manual welding positioners
  • 2 large specialty fabrication booths with 10 x 10 modular layout tables and 5,000lb semi automatic welding positioner


  • AWS & ASME certified welding staff with GMAW, FCAW & GTAW capabilities
  • Manual Welding: MIG, TIG and Stud
  • GMAW robotic welding with integrated pallet shuffle systems
  • Full in-house fixture and design process group
  • High volume capacity with quick-change fixturing
  • Shear and Peel Testing (AWS C1.1M and AWS C1.4M)
  • Carbon, stainless steel and aluminum welding proficiencies
  • Short and limited production runs with quickset fixturing
  • Production intent precision modular fixturing systems
  • Standard and custom commercial design robotic solutions
  • Prototype modular fixturing