Installed new in 2017, our 6000W Messer Fiber Laser is capable of cutting a multitude of metals, including mild steel, high carbon, stainless steel, armored steel, aluminum and composite armor. Outside of its 900” per minute feed rate, the Messer Fiber Laser eliminates the need for costly tooling at every stage, from prototyping to production.

  • 6000W Messer High Performance Fiber Laser
  • Cutting widths: 8’
  • Cutting lengths: 25’
  • Removable slat frames for flexibility during removal
  • Integrated CAD software
  • Global ControlPlus with Virtual Service: Featuring an embedded cutting database producing repeatable performance day to day and operator to operator
  • 3000 IPM traverse speed
  • Precision linear ways
  • Digital Camera with quick torch-to-plate alignment
  • Global Reporter: A production monitor system designed to provide managers with the information they need to increase the arc-on-time of the cutting machine
  • True Shape Automatic Nesting Package: Minimizes scrap by efficiently nesting parts using complex algorithms


PNA utilizes presses that have low cycle times and yield consolidation without the need for autoclaving. Our press process has a hot cycle (time, tonnage, temperature) for consolidation, followed by a cooling cycle executed under pressure to eliminate any possibilities for distortion.