Shed The Pounds. Add The Muscle.

Plasan's best-in-class armor is lighter, stronger and smarter. It saves lives, minimizes cost and maximizes flexibility. You get heavy duty protection without heavy duty weight.

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American Manufacturing and innovation + Israeli Technology and Experience. The Best of Both.

Plasan North America has harnessed front line feedback to continuously strengthen our armor solutions. We leverage the highest skill set in materials and design, engineering, systems integration, simulation and implementation to achieve the optimum balance of protection, weight and performance. With agility, cost effectiveness and a soldier-centric approach, Plasan's mission readiness provides immediate solutions to meet any need and counter any threat.

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Field-Proven Experience. Battle-Tested Readiness.

Plasan North America manufactures armor and structures that enhance survivability of personnel and equipment across a broad range of applications: tactical and combat vehicles; missile and rocket launch canisters; naval armor and safety components. Wherever people and equipment need protection, Plasan is the proven line of defense. Our end-to-end solutions include: design and prototyping; advanced ballistic lab and texting capabilities; real-time simulation and field tests; manufacturing and fabrication.

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