RPGs (rocket propelled grenade) are widely used in conflict areas. Plasan has designed innovative protection to defeat even the most recent and advanced RPG models, without degrading the vehicle’s performance.

Taking into consideration the challenges in the battlefield environment where RPGs are typically used, Plasan places high emphasis on high protection, combined with low weight and easy replacement and maintenance. First and foremost, RPG protection must offer the highest protection for crewmembers without decreasing the vehicle’s functionality and maneuverability in defense missions.

A lightweight flexible steel and composite bar armor that offers high survivability for soldiers and the vehicle hull. Plasan’s HSF can be installed over openings and transparent areas in the vehicle, providing maximal levels of protection without causing the vertigo effect for crewmembers. The system can also be quickly installed – or removed – by soldiers in the field.

Passive RPG defeat armor with advanced neutralisation mechanism, designed for maximum protection at a light weight. It can be easily mounted onto any hull or existing platform or structure.