With the high cost of composite materials and tooling, the need for a high quality, repeatable, high performance manufacturing processes that the autoclave provides, is vital. Autoclaves are large pressurized vessels that cure composite products at controlled temperatures for specified periods of time using cure schedules or recipes. These schedules are computer-controlled sequences of specified temperatures, pressures, and duration, which combine to ensure consistency and quality. The autoclave is designed to deliver uniform pressure and temperature on the most complex contours utilizing sensors that are attached directly to the components guaranteeing optimal laminate processing. When manufacturing composites, the autoclave process typically uses a pre-preg lay up on a tool that mimics the shape of the finished part.

PNA has used autoclave manufacturing for ballistic and armor products and high-performance structural components for automotive, airborne, and maritime applications. We house three ASC autoclaves, each of different size: 10′ diameter x 20′ deep, 10′ diameter x 10′ deep, and a 7′ diameter x 7′ deep autoclave used for R&D. These sizes allow for large components or several smaller components to be processed simultaneously providing quick turnaround for each production load of composite parts. With proven success as an industry leader, our autoclave capacity at PNA offers a high-quality cost-effective solution to composite manufacturing. Want to learn more? Drop us a line at