At AUSA 2021, the Association of United States Army Defense Exhibition and Conference that takes place in Washington D.C., the Israeli company Plasan presents its ATeMM, a modular Electric Vehicle that can link to a legacy 4×4 providing 2,500 lbs (1,133 kg) of additional payload, enough off board vehicle power to power and Light BN Assault CP for several days, while enhancing mobility.

The ATeMM is a connected and synchronized controlled electrically powered platform, not a simple trailer, even if its top cover can carry a heavy payload. It can easily be connected to any pickup truck or tactical vehicle by a unique, patented « 3-point fast connection » that enables the vehicle and ATeMM to perform as a 6×6 synchronized vehicle, the electrically powered axle (200 hp electric motor) of the ATeMM being directional, which relieves the driver from having to master the usual difficulty of controlling the trajectory of its trailer when driving backward, for instance (no « jack-knife »); this makes the driving by an inexperienced driver easy.

The ATeMM can be converted in Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and is available in two configurations including a single axle trailing vehicle w/ a 37kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, a 190hp electric motor, generating 760 ft-lb torque with 2,500 lbs of user-defined payload or a double axle Robotically Controlled Battery Electric Vehicle with 5,000 lbs of user-defined payload available

At AUSA 2021, Plasan unveils its ATeMM-T which consists of two ATeMMs linked together providing a standalone 4×4 Robotic Autonomous Ready All-Terrain Electric Vehicle with 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) of mission payload capacity powered by a 74kWh battery pack. In this case, the front vehicle is fitted with a remotely operated weapon system armed with an automatic cannon and machine gun while the rear vehicle carries the power and battery systems.

As a tandem, the ATeMM-T does not sacrifice any of its mobility behind a host vehicle. In addition to doubling the system’s capability, the ATeMM-T can be detached from the host vehicle and operated via remote control. This enables low heat and noise signature, unmanned travel to and from the tactical edge, or other high-risk combat scenarios. The ATeMM-T is ready for autonomous control integration.

In the single configuration, the ATeMM has a length of 1,800 mm, a width of 1,900 mm with a curb weight of 1,600 Kg and a payload capacity of 1,150 kg, while the ATeMM-T has a length of 3,600 mm, the same width with a curb weight of 3,200 kg and a payload of 2,300 kg.

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