Equipped with 10 manual welding stations and a fully automated seven-axis GMAW robotic weld system, PNA’s +20 Ground Combat Welding Code certified welders operate at high volume capacities to meet customer demands. Producing over 6,500 armor components a month, this heavy, continuous production means a lot of welding and the potential for harmful fumes circulating throughout the production facility.

Analyzing the amount of welding fumes it was apparent that it was time for an upgrade.  To protect our employees from exposure to harmful substances and improve the quality of air throughout the facility, PNA installed state-of-the-art ventilation systems above weld cells to capture welding fume and contaminants.  This new system draws in and filters contaminants from the surrounding air ensuring that the air supplied from the filtration system can be recirculated into the working area without the presence of dust or other harmful contaminants. This upgrade allows PNA to continue to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable working environment for all our employees.